Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) total solution. CVD precursors & Organometallics
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Heat-resistant test [ The upper limit 1100oC ]
New Products    (t-BuN=)2Mo(NMe2)2  /  [Novel Mo] C11H16O3N2Mo
                                              /  (t-BuN=)2W(NMe2)2  /  [Novel Fe] C18H38N4Fe
New Product 7  Ga precursor for GaN thin film [ Low temperature deposition ]
New Product 6  S precursor for MoS2 thin film [ Sulfurization reagent ]
New Product 1 [price down]   t-BuGeH3 for Ge epitaxy   ¥3,200-/g 〜
New Product 5 (Magnesium liquid precursor for GaN)
                        This is a new type dopant which is not cyclopentadiene.
New Product 4  (Te precursor for GeSbTe PCRAM)   [ Tellurization reagent ]
New Product 3  (Nitrogen precursor for GaN R&D)
New Product 2  (SFCD <SCFD> precursor for Cu thin film )