Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) total solution. CVD precursors & Organometallics
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Technology in retention

The precurser for chemical vapor deposition
   New precurser search
   Synthesis and analysis of organometallic compound
   Vapor pressure measurement of organometallic compound
   Inactivation (stabilization) of organometallic compound

Analysis of deposition mechanism
   Pyrolysis experiment, mixing experiment of precurser compound
   Shape, pressure and flow rate variation of the reaction chamber
   Deposition to various substrates
Deposition with chemical vapor deposition equipment
   Al, Cu, Ni, NiSi, NiPt, Pt metal film, barrier metal film
  Al2O3, HfO2, HfSiO2, oxide film, nitride film, carbide film
   Raising or lowering deposition temperature
   Amorphization of the film

Design/production of chemical vapor deposition equipment
   Atmospheric pressure, low pressure, hot wall, cold wall
   Filament (cat.), small chemical vapor deposition equipment
   Transportation method of low vapor pressure precurser
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